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It’s going to be A Simple Definition, A Beginner’s Guide, An Intermediate, Step by Step Guide, an Introduction, all the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know about Content Marketing Toolkit for you to become an expert. It can be explained in Fewer than 140 Characters also.

The ever first thing in the SEO, ranking in the search engine will not happen in one or two days, or one or two weeks, or one or two months. Also, ranking in the search engine depends on multiple factors, and not only on content marketing factor.

Content Strategy Theme focus on planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content. Content not only includes the words on the page but also the photographs and multimedia that are used.

content marketing toolkit

In this blog, I will share with you, why Content Marketing Toolkit Rule The World. Here I am going to take “CONTENT MARKETING TOOLKIT” as an example to explain the content writing/marketing strength to make you to understand.

Just in a simple way, I am not going to close this blog shortly, as like other blogs of mine. This blog will continue into 4 blogs. But at the end of the blog, I am 100% confident, you are an expert in the content marketing field.

In simple in this blog, I will share with you, what a better content marketing toolkit will give you? To my knowledge, while considering content marketing, content marketing strategy include the following as a major part.

Topic Research

Content Writing

Tracking & Auditing

Topic Research – Content Marketing Toolkit

A better toolkit will do research on the given topic, which includes from title to plan, like titles, sub-titles, questionnaire and plan for marketing it in different social media platforms. Here as I said earlier, I took “CONTENT MARKETING TOOLKIT” as an example. For this example, I will share your variety of things to consider as a title for a blogging purpose only. This all included, while choosing the right content marketing toolkit.

Topic Research is not just a word. It is a heart or pillar for an article or blog. Based on the topic, the various ideas available on the web crawl and suggestions, titles, topics are provided by the toolkit. Here is the list of different title samples for considered example. Use these suggestions to write the article for your title using the headings, subheadings, topics, etc which best suits your article to be published in your website.

For local companies, it will generate ideas based the competitors locally to the connected concern. Gaps, Ideas, Topic & Questions are major crawling part of this topic research.

content marketing toolkit

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Content Writing – Content Marketing Toolkit

Content writing starts from template to article write-up which includes keyword, tag and backlink, content assistant by placing the topic in different keyword analysis tool and suggest you the best with a detailed plan, by default SEO also be considered, as SEO plays a major role in the search console analytics to rank. This process will be the major process in order to check the quality, value, readability, ranking and all other values that are countable in this part to rank better in the search engines.

In general, for SEO, the content count or in simple, word count plays a major role. It does not mean that you should write content for ten thousand plus or more. Content should be very clear without replication of words maximum and duplication or copyright of the content. But the word count must be a minimum of thousand words, keep it in mind at-least to consider it into ranking or positioning stage. And duplication content will affect mostly in the search engine after indexing. More the content, the more the possibilities to rank better. But, again reminding you, the ranking in the search engine depends on multiple factors and not only on content.

content marketing toolkit

Tracking & Auditing – Content Marketing Toolkit

Tracking and auditing is one of the major task in content marketing toolkit. Writing a piece of content and publishing in the site, itself the process will not close to rank in the search engine. Continuous tracking will help to find the position in the search engine and auditing the same by replacing or adding or removing content and updating it periodically in the search engine console make to rank better even for the right and relevant update of the content related to topic. In simple term Tracking & Auditing is nothing but SCALE AND REVISE periodically.

It’s not mean scaling and revision on a daily basis or weekly basis. I will never recommend doing scaling and revision on a daily basis or a weekly basis. Since, after indexing a URL in a search console, many of them aware, for a new URL with a long-tail keyword, will rank better at the initial stage. Later, the URL will get down ranking and up ranking. After some time, the URL gets fixed in a certain position for a long period. Since always there will be a zig-zag in the position for new content. After a steady position for a long period, tracking and auditing may be helpful to rank better.

I Hope, you may enjoy this blog. As I said earlier, I am not going to end up this blog shortly, as like other blogs of mine. Here I will keep an END to this. I will catch you in the next blog continuation of this blog.

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